Sunday, August 2, 2009

White guys && black women???

I'm curious to find out how many white guys would actually date a black chick...i tend to lean more towards white men than black guys b/c most of them are quieter and more reserved than black men....i could do w/out all the gold teeth, loud rap music, and annoying slang from time to time...of course, there are some white men who act that same way, but i'm pretty quiet %26amp; it kinda bothers me. Are there any black women out there who feel the same way i do?? %26amp; to the white men, have u ever dated a black woman? how was ur experience with her? I'm just curious is all

White guys %26amp;%26amp; black women???
i love women regardless of what manty people dont like rainbows because of a certain do u feel about yourself??
Reply:Yes I would, why not?
Reply:Of course I would. Who wouldn't? Why not? I actually still greatly regret that I didn't take advantage of being with a great woman who was black in high school. She had a thing for me, and I liked her a lot. I was still very young and stupid, I think 14 or 15, and I chickened out. I see her today as a still beautiful woman and a great mom, too, and I kick myself. I was and am still very shy, so it's never easy to ask any woman out. In any case, yes, white guys and black women should go out together if they want and not worry about what anyone might say ot think.
Reply:color has nothing to do with anything!!
Reply:you know black guys can generally care less if black girls and white guys date but the other way around offends the hell out of them i don't care personally
Reply:i like only blacks
Reply:i would, email me at

don't be shy send a photo also
Reply:Hey Sister, I hear you. I consider myself an Equal Opprotunity Dater, and I have dated a fair rainbow of guys. But there is just something about a funky white guy. sometimes it just seems like they have less to prove.
Reply:I've not let skin color stop me from dating a woman I really wanted to get to know better. I've actually dated more black women than white, and do find black women more attractive than white women (in general).
Reply:you can find what your looking for in black or white, just, take your time in the search...

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