Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who else thinks its hilarious that the miami hurricanes suck this year?

canes fans.... this is what happens when you recruit a bunch of wanna be thugs who care more about getting gold teeth and dvd players in their cars than actually putting forth effort on the football field! ha-ha-ha!!!

Who else thinks its hilarious that the miami hurricanes suck this year?
Wow ur happy that Miami is doing terrible this 1 year. Da way the acc is looking Miami can still make it to their championship game and get a major bowl bid. Remember FSU last year? 8-4
Reply:It is so great to see a loser team like UM Canes be unranked. So they pick on FIU. The same Canes fans who whined about their 2002 loss to the mighty Buckeyes now defend the foot-brawl game as giving some sort of inspiration to this bottom-of-the barrel team. There is justice!! Report It

Reply:yeah miami friend michael says all the time how miami blows too. i think the hurricanes are taking a u-turn. with a great coach such as larry coker, i expected more. however, they are thugs and deserve to lose so its all good Report It

Reply:michael likes men Report It

Reply:michael likes to have sex with lizards and squirrels Report It

Reply:all of u r ******* retarded...5 national championships...44 players sent to nfl...record most first round picks from single school in a draft...i think they can have one "bad" yeah without dumbass like u all talkin **** Report It

Reply:Well, it will probably be your team next year that's down. So I wouldn't be so arrogant.
Reply:And Florida State is 1-2 in the ACC:) Yes!!!!!!!!


Why do cops racial profile young black males?

what i mean if a young black males has big rims on his nice car and a few gold teeth, why do they mess with them with no cause? We were at the barbershop and police pulled up at the parking lot and tried to write a ticket and a woman was running from a man he decided to mess with us, saying we were parked on an unapproved surface. there was not enough parking so we parked on the side where their were gravel and rock likes a country road. this is just one incident, tell me bout yours.

Why do cops racial profile young black males?
If it looks like, sounds like and acts like a duck its a duck. That's the basis of racial profiling. Problem is that the profile does tend to work in finding people who are criminals
Reply:they profile girls too
Reply:Sorry homie, I'm a white female so I don't deal with that crap. That sucks. Why can't us blacks and whites all get along... Let's look at where the real problem is.... with all those "towel heads" coming in to our country from the Middle East.

We have to stick together
Reply:Listen, I'm not saying it's a good thing, or that the cops' behavior was justified in your case. But in general, police officers (and not just white ones) pay special attention to young black males because young black males commit far more violent crimes than any other group. This isn't racism; it's a statistical fact. Asking police officers to ignore it is like asking them to ignore their own instincts – which could put both them and innocent civilians at risk.
Reply:there you go again. your imagination. cry cry cry.
Reply:they go by past history.

Historically, police have had the most trouble with black males than any other people. So they tend to lean on them more than anyone else and try to nip the problem before it even starts. The thing is, some cops get a bit power hungry and overstep their authority.
Reply:well gold teeth? come on. y would anyone want gold teether? god that is just retarded....who knows y cops do that kinda thing (have u seen Crash? omg! the best movie ever!!! but yea, its about racism and stuff)... if i were, i'd just get over it and deal with it
Reply:I think the reason cops do this is because they think if they see a young black man with a nice car he must be selling drugs and because of the way he dress they think there is no way a black male that dresses the way our black men dress and that has gold teeth they figure no one would ever hire them. I think it is so messed up and i know thats how it is and its not right but that is just what they do and I know because i use to work for the police department. Sometimes they are right though but its still not right to racial profile but it's not right to sell drugs and kill peolpe but what? We still do thats just the way of the world.
Reply:The question you should be asking is why do all these young black men have to have big rims on their car and gold teeth. If you're trying to act like a gangster or a rapper then you'll get treated like one. Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of the young black men of today or the rappers, or ganster wannabes. Do you think he'd be proud of the way they're acting. Do you think he'd be proud of them wanting to be "Pimps" and "Playa's," about the way they treat women.

If you wanted to be treated with respect, act and look respectable. If you want to blame anyone for the way your treated because you look, blame your role models. The rap artist who act like they're above the law and commit crimes for fun.

You have no one to blame but yourself.
Reply:Well, Police can actually see their profile like you say:

No Job, not even work experience

consuming gas up and down without any money,

Gold teeth and mommy lives in a apartment

Reebok's and expensive clothing, "Where does he gets the Money"

Cellular phone and gold jewelry,

Nice car with expensive equipment, CD/DVD player, Television inside, hot rims. WOW... Where does this boy gets the money?

Come on, you should know the answer too, even if you have a job, how much could a teen get paid for so much expensive stuff.

No just on black they do that, they do it on White, Hispanic, and other countries too, when they see a profile like the one above.

Everyone should know why cops have the eye on you.
Reply:Because 60% of the times there really is something wrong with that person. In Holland we have a similar new law that allows cops to stop young kids in big cars just because they look like they haven't worked to earn that car. And it works!

The dutch people love seeing those guys in jail and it also is a message that crime does not pay.

If you are innocent and you can proof you bought the car with your hard earned euro's there is no problem.
Reply:because the majority of crimes are committed by your demographic. Most "suspects" fit your description so you'll get pulled over.

Hopefully you'll get a rash of Vietnamese gang activity and you'll be off the hook for a while...

...good luck.
Reply:I am white but I have a friend that complains about the same thing, and I will give you some of my insite on this situation.

Black people only make up 12% of the population yet they (mostly young black males) are responsible for the majority of drug and violent crimes, followed by Hispanics then white people. The majority of the young black males that create crime are into hard rap and hiphop lifestyle with particular clothing and the cars with the big rims. Now you may not be into anything illegal but to quote Chris Rock "You are wearing the same uniform as the ones that are." So that is why the cops keep a closer watch or harass you, but the majority of the blame should not be on the cops, it should be on your fellow young black brother who is creating the stereotype of illegal activity.
Reply:That doesn't sound like racial profiling to me. That sounds like the cop was a jerk and decided to make your day as miserable as his.
Reply:The opinion of Tony Pepperoni is the stuff.
Reply:umm.... i don't think its just black people. they even do it to whites... :O


you know, its amazing how judgemental people can be... of any race. Cops ar bored so they try to ticket you, every day part of life. also, why do the people have gold teeth? probably because they got in a fight and got some teeth knocked out. Also, the appearence you described sounds like a 'gangsta' stereotype', aren't gangstas the ones who cause the most fuss in neighborhoods?? If you like dressing like the way you do, then you are going to have to deal with the stereotype people assign to you. If you don't like that stereotype than change your appearance.

glad to give my opinion!! :D
Reply:it's the statistics:

Among men, blacks (28.5%) are about six times more likely than whites (4.4%) to be admitted to prison during their life.

7.9% of black males compared to 0.7% of white males will enter State or Federal prison by the time they are age 20.


Did Martin Luther King come up with the idea of reparations? is that true?

I just read on a forum that Martin Luther King came up with the idea of reparations. I personally am against this because it is only going to make hummer and gmc rich, and some people will go and get material things like gold teeth and other things that will not advance themselves... no one is going to invest in some quality education for themselves and their children to better themselves.

But did MLK really start this idea? is this true, im kinda shocked by this statement. why would he want something like that?

Did Martin Luther King come up with the idea of reparations? is that true?
Please... Stop watching Dave Chappelle; it's garbage. Not all black people like hummers and grills. And plenty of us would invest in education... you know what they say about assuming. Personally I don't like the idea of reparations, people should not grow up with the mentality someone ows them something. And No, MLK did not make up reparations. The first to mention them I think were the jewish people who survived the Holocaust.


Just because I've seen a few episodes of Dave Chappelle I automatically have a bad education? For your information, I graduated high school with honors, and I currently have a 4.0 GPA in college. And if you didn't want me to mention the Jewish reparations you should have mentioned that you already knew about it in your question, next time be more specific. And not once in my answer I called you a racist.
Reply:Your question is laced with self ignorance and racism....there are more white people in the world so it stands to reason that there are more uneducated white people, they just slide in under the radar with nepotism.....and in response to the rest of your question your racist rant is showing........
Reply:Think about your question carefully, the majority of African Americans would use the income to further there education, also where would other races be if they were spiritually and academically held back for hundreds of years no way of knowing where your parents are or if your child you love so dear would be taken from you. Add all of the mental abuse and battery that the slaves have received and you can see why there descends are asking for reparations. What they do with the money is there decision

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Why is it that White Americans Are so obsessed with what African Americans are doing all the time?

I mean it pisses me off to see countless whites asking why we (African American's) wear our clothes this way, why we talk that way, why is our name spelled this way. Or what about this "How do African American's think they're going to get respected with gold teeth, sagging pants and fouls mouths?" Leave us alone and engross your selves in your own culture or lack thereof...Could that be reason for your infatuation hmmm I wonder!!!

Why is it that White Americans Are so obsessed with what African Americans are doing all the time?
My guess is that many of them genuinely want to understand the culture better and have a better understanding of why people do things differently, and I think that's admirable. The others are probably just being a**holes.
Reply:Your question is the PRIME example for why there is so much hate and discontent between whites and blacks. Think about it for a minute and the answer will come to you, i'm sure.
Reply:They need to keep tabs on their property...I mean citizens, CITIZENS!!!

Don't let the horrid racists who troll this site give an impression of "white America". I lived in Virginia, only black family on the block. Very few racial incidents. The worse was my friends mom. Even the friend was disgusted.
Reply:because we don't know why you guys try as hard as you can to separate yourselves from everything else, like the black expo, ebony magazine, Ms. black usa, black entertainment television, African American (your just an American) when we do talk about our own culture many of you call us racists!?!

i don't understand why you think its weird we ask these questions
Reply:I don't care, im focusing on other culture groups. Similar to my own.
Reply:Are you saying all blacks have gold teeth, wear their pants sagging, and have foul mouths? You are just as bad by making a broad generalization about whites by grouping them soley based on race.
Reply:You have to remember that one culture's normal is another culture's weird. I'm Eastern Cherokee and find the whole gold teeth, sagging pants and foul mouths thing gross as well--that has nothing to do with just white people. When you do something, be prepared to explain why you do it to the dominant culture. I have to do that with some of our Cherokee customs, so get used to it.
Reply:I'm white and I'm not obsessed with that, those white people are racist; so are black people that say whites can't dance and have no butts, prejudice is just stupid.
Reply:OK, 1st off, white people do not lack cuture. We just do not have to display ours with cheap grillz and $50 gats. Secondly,I am not sure who you are talking about, but I do not care what black people are doing. HOWEVER%26lt; it is true that it is hard to respect someone with saggy clothes, gold teeth, etc. Inversely, it is equally hard to respect a person with dip in their mouths, flannel shirts, tight wranglers, and cowboy hats. It goes both ways!!
Reply:As a Black person, sometimes I am amazed at some of the "cultural norms" associated with young Black people. (My own son included). We have had numerous discussions regarding his clothing choices and his music choices (although I fully acknowledge that I cannot make his choices for him). Truthfully, I am equally fascinated by some of the norms associated with white America. I conclude that we should all live and let live and if a particular trend or choice offends or perplexes you, then don't make that choice for yourself.
Reply:Because white americans are usually police and African Americans are usually committing crime!
Reply:Because they don't take the time to understand who other people are I understand a little bit and my sisters boyfriend is Adrican American and we have a great friendship asking those questions is like aking people why they are white or why they eat like white people don't listen to them you are who you are and thats the way it is.

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How to be black?

Dear Black guys,

I am a white guy who can appropriatley be considered a "Wigger" The thing is I know there is a very fine line between doing something so that it comes out right and looking like a fool, Is there a way I can combine the different elements of being a black dude, you know the ebonics, the gold teeth, the Fubu clothing ect. in a way THAT WILL NOT CLASH.

What is the definitive guidline for a white guy trying to be black (a Wigger) in an appropriate style...

Also, can I be a rasta hair style and still not class in copying the USA black style?? Girls like the rasta hair style, and If I have to back it up with fists then I say bring it on.

I want to be a bad azz, and I am fully prepared to back it up, so any of my bros out there want to challenge me, then I say come on and step right up! I will not let you take my blackness away from me. Waz up!

How to be black?
Tell you what homie, BE REAL. That is the first rule of the game. I know tons of White kids like you that dress like Black, even wear gold chains all over'em and get fake gold teeth. BUT you gotta be REAL not like'em. It ain't about your FUBU wear, gold teeth or your leaning shoulder and baggy jeans.


Who sings the parody of 12 days of Xmas that includes "5 months free rent"? It's called ghetto version..???

1 really rich man...

2 gold teeth...

new handbags...

5 months free rent...

Who sings the parody of 12 days of Xmas that includes "5 months free rent"? It's called ghetto version..???
Most probably Afroman I know he sang the 12 drugs of Xmas so this might be another version he did


Does anyone here who watches Samurai Champloo or Cowboy Bebop help me?

Once again I am on a quest to get my boyfriend a birthday present. I was thinking either a Samurai sword (katana) OR this certain Japanese game (that I don't know the name of) that I saw both in Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo episode 5 (that Jin is playing with an old man who has all gold teeth and ends up winning and making money off of at the end of the episode. Any opinion as to which I should get for him? And if it's the game, could anyone tell me what the name of it is?

Does anyone here who watches Samurai Champloo or Cowboy Bebop help me?
The game is called Shogi:

I'd say it really depends on what your boyfriend likes to do better. I personally would like Shogi if I had some people to play with. A sword is always just plain cool. If your boyfriend likes strategy games, and has other people to play them with- go with Shogi. Otherwise the sword is a safer bet, and it is almost guaranteed that he would enjoy it.
Reply:i think i know what game you are talking about but i dont know the name here is a site for Japanese games and what they are called

as to which one you should get him i would say the sword just cuz guys like swords (so do i but I'm not a guy)plus it would be really cool to have a sword from an anime or video game personally i would love to have the gun sword from the final fantasy games

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