Monday, April 20, 2009

How much does a solid gold tooth cost?

I mean a whole tooth replacment with the gold tooth drilled into the jaw.

How much does a solid gold tooth cost?
Depends on the gold rate, caret and dentist fee...

It cost around 800 US $. Approx.

Check out with your local dentist and gold dealers.
Reply:Solid gold is too soft to replace a tooth. It would become misshapen probably the first day.
Reply:most gold you buy is by the gram and dentel gold is 8-10 k a tooth would be about 11 grams so about 150 - 300$
Reply:If you%26#039;re paying over $600, go to another dentist. Gold crowns are less expensive than porcelain crowns.
Reply:it depends on the loaction, but price should be around 300 to 500


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